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Bi Li & Xian Nu get used to life in Japan

Bi Li and Xian Nü, ended their journey from Sichuan province to Tokyo around 11 pm on Monday night. The panda had a health check upon arrival at their new home.

A quote

A pair of panda’s have arrived safely in Tokyo and are getting used to their new home after being loaned by China to Japan. Japanese officials say the pandas’ popularity will boost Tokyo’s economy and enhance the friendship between the two countries.

But they have to be patient as the pandas’ public debut is expected to be in late March following one-month in quarantine. Japanese officials hope the pandas can boost the local economy by 240 million US dollars or 10 percent a year.

Numbers visiting the zoo fell by about 500 thousand since Ling Ling died in 2008.


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Please, take this poll!

Please take this poll, for panda fanatics.

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Giant Panda Poll

Please voice your thoughts about love of pandas!

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Bi Li & Xiannu arrive in Japan

  Bi Li (above)

  Xiannu (below)

 Thanks to Chet @ Flickr for these beautiful pictures of Bi Li & Xiannu.


Bili & Xiannu arrived in Japan, this morning.

“To prepare for the celebrities, Ueno Zoo has spent about 90 million yen ($1 million) renovating its panda cage, including fitting a floor heating system and a new playground, local media reported.”

“Airline staff welcomed the animals, with one donning a panda costume, as the cages were moved out of the airline. They held signs reading: “Welcome to Japan, dear pandas.”

I wish Japan all the success with Bili & Xiannu.

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Ueno Zoo receives two more giant pandas

Ueno Zoo (Tokyo) signed a lease with China Wild Animal Protection Association for the loan of two new giant pandas.  (male) Bili and (female) Xiannu, (both 5 years old) they arrived on the 16th of this month. They are expected to be put on public display in March.

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Getting used to “Po”

As a Panda Fanatic myself, I understand the shock of many Panda Fanatics, having our Wee Lan being offically named “Po”. 

About “Po”

“Po” is not a traditional Chinese name.  It is greek, and means “father” or “precious”. 

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Happy Valentines Day!

I am wishing all the Panda Fanatics a Happy Valentines Day!

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