Wild giant panda rescued….

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From: The Weather Network

 On the morning of Apr 22, a wild giant panda was found by a local villager when it reached Fenghe Village, Songpan County in Aba Prefecture. After more than 10 hours of rescue efforts, this three-year-old wild giant panda was carried downhill and proceeded to be sent to the China Giant Panda-Protection and Research Center for treatment. Aba Prefecture is on the Southern rim of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and in the northwestern Sichuan Province. China’s largest natural habitat for giant pandas, Wolong Nature Reserve, is located in Aba Prefecture.

Around 9:00 a.m. on Apr 22, villager Yan Dejin of Fenghe Village, Songpan County was about to go uphill to grow rhubarb as usual. When he arrived at Laoying (Glede) Hill of Chengzi Gully, he was surprised to find a giant panda moving slowly and inhaling with difficulty. Then he reported to the Forestry Bureau of Songpan County.

After hearing the information, the Party Committee of Songpan County soon organized staffs at the Forest Public Security, the Panda-Protection Office, the Forestry Station and the Public Security Department to hurry to the scene and carry out the prompt rescue operation. Due to the lack of career anesthetists, they decided to cast a net to seize the panda. At 5:00 pm, up to more than 50 people came to the scene. They overcame difficulties arising from steep slopes and difficult road conditions; they carried out six catching attempts and finally got it and sent it downhill.

After that, the Forestry Bureau of Songpan County contacted the Wolong Reserve with the permission of the Sichuan Provincial Forestry Bureau and, in the evening, career veterinary Deng Linhua from the Panda Research Center of the Wolong Reserve arrived in Songpan, where he made a tentative diagnosis of the giant panda’s condition.

Deng Linhua said this giant panda was relatively weak and, to determine what factors behind its weakness as quickly as possible, they would send it to the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base for rescue treatment.

According to observations and analyses of professionals of the China Panda-Protection and Research Center, this giant panda is about 1.4 meters in length and 60 kilograms in weight. When it was moved downhill, it was dehydrated seriously as it had not eaten food for a long time. So, it was quite weak, seemed timid and nervous and it is in urgent need of treatment. Up to date, this wild giant panda has been sent to the China Panda-protection Research Center for treatment.


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